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Automatic-Tee System + Account Cards

Heartland Golf Park’s driving range features an automatic tee system. If you’ve never used one, you’re going to love it. You purchase how many balls you want to hit and then you get a card. Go to your booth, insert the card, and a ball is teed up for you automatically. Hit the ball and another one comes up automatically. It’s great! Stop at any time and any ball you paid for and didn’t hit stays on your card for next time. Come try it out today!

Our driving range is heated and opened during the winter. The range features course-like targets such as water, bunkers, and hills. Hit from a ground-level booth, or one of our elevated hitting booths. We’re conveniently located right next to the Long Island Rail Road, just a 52-minute ride from New York City.

Come hit some balls! 

Serving Nassau County & Suffolk County, NY

At Heartland Golf Park we have a 92-stall, 2-tier driving range that will impress even the best golfers. The range has an automatic tee-up system which will allow you to not have to waste money on range balls that you don’t hit. Simply insert your pre-paid card and start hitting. Any balls you’ve paid for and don’t hit remain on your card until you return. The range is open all day and night (call for seasonal hours of operation) so you can get your practice in.


$10.00 – 125 Balls
$20.00 – 275 Balls
$50.00 – 750 Balls
$100.00 – 1,625 Balls

We use a pre-paid card and an automatic-tee system. Once you’ve purchased balls to hit you take your card to a stall, insert the card, and each ball is automatically teed up for you. You don’t have to hit every ball! Stop hitting at any time, come back later, insert your card and continue hitting. Your practice has never been more convenient. Come try it today!

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